Basiliskenhaus in Vienna

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Mural at the Basiliskenhaus

The Basiliskenhaus is situated at the Schönlaterngasse 7. The mural at this house shows a myth about a baker servant who defeated a basilisk. The fabulous creature lived in the well of the building.

As looking into the eyes of a basilisk was supposed to be fatal, the young servant attacked the creature by facing it with a mirror. So, the basilisk destroyed itself. Well, the basilisk at the mural doesn’t look that dangerous, does it?

Reading the legend in an old book, I was surprised that the story goes differently. Confronting the basilisk with a mirror was an option, but nobody dared. Finally, the brave people defeated the creature by throwing stones into the well.

By the way, a possible explanation of the legend sounds pretty basic. There was no smelly basilisk. Instead, the people of Vienna were confronted with toxic gas rising from the bottom of the well.

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