Old sign about heavy wagons

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Old sign about heavy wagons

On my walk through Vienna, I came across this sign dating back to 1912. It asked drivers of heavy horse-drawn wagons to walk next to the horses or to send an accompanying person ahead to warn the pedestrians.

An old lane called Griechengasse

Most streets in the centre of Vienna are broad and represent the grandeur of the former Habsburg capital. But a few narrow lanes give an impression of an even older Vienna. An example is an alley called Griechengasse. You’ll find it next to the Griechenbeisl.

The historic traffic sign

Around the corner of the Griechengasse, I came across the depicted traffic sign. Even though it dates back to 1912, it still mentions horse-drawn wagons. I suppose the sign tries to direct the traffic in the small alley. It warns the pedestrians of possible dangerous wagons and asks the coachmen to follow several instructions.

The carriage driver ought to

  • drive dead slow
  • to go next to the horses or
  • to send a person ahead to warn pedestrians.

The Griechenbeisl

By the way, the Griechenbeisl next to this sign is considered one of the oldest inns in Vienna. It is also said that the American author Mark Twain spent some time here writing his famous articles and novels.

Sources / More info

  • Link Official website of the Griechenbeisl with opening hours
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