K.u.k. Naval Cemetery in Pula

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Austro-Hungarian Naval Cemetery in Pula

The port of Pula was the main base of the Austro-Hungarian Navy until 1918. An impressive trace to this time forms the K.u.k. Naval Cemetery of Pula. The place in today’s Stoja district dates back to 1862. [German]

The K.u.k. Naval Cemetery in Pula

Since then, no fewer than twelve Austro-Hungarian admirals have rested here under the green of numerous trees. But the fallen crews of large battleships such as the “Szent Istvan” and “Viribus Unitis” are also buried here. From sailors to admirals, numerous old naval ranks and titles from the past monarchy can be read on the tombstones.

The burial place of Trapp’s parents

Grave of Hedwig and August Trapp

I was successful in looking for the burial place of the parents of U-boat commander Georg Ludwig Ritter von Trapp. After his military career, he gained notoriety as the father of the singing Trapp family. He was portrayed by Christopher Plummer in the world-famous film “Sound of Music”. However, his parents had no idea of these events. They found their last resting place in the K.u.k. Naval Cemetery in 1884 and 1911.

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