Sebastian Cemetery

The Sebastian Cemetery (Sebastiansfriedhof) was built in the style of an Italian Campo Santo at the end of 16th century. You find here the graves of Mozart’s widow and Paracelsus, founder of the discipline of toxicology.

Mausoleum in Dessau-Roßlau

The mausoleum once served as a burial ground for the Dukes of Anhalt. It was built in the years 1894/98 according to plans by Franz Schwechten. Today the building is surrounded by a zoological garden. Together with the neighbouring Georgium, this forms a recreational area for the citizens of Dessau-Roßlau.

Kassengewölbe Mausoleum in Weimar

The original mausoleum was built as a family grave for Chamberlain Christoph Jenichsen, in 1715. The name Kassengewölbe refers to the Landschaftskassendirektorium (provincial treasury), which became the owner of this place in 1742. Friedrich Schiller is one of the most famous persons who found their final resting place here.

Historic Cemetery in Weimar

The historic cemetery (Historische Friedhof) is part of the Classic Weimar World Heritage Site. Among many other personalities Johann Wolfgang von Goethe rests here in the Ducal Vault (Fürstengruft).Another notable burial ground of Weimar is the Jacobsfriedhof, which is considered the oldest cemetery of the town.

Grave of Hedwig and August Trapp in Pula

While walking along the tombs at the Austro-Hungarian naval cemetery in Pula I came across the graves of Hedwig and August Trapp. They were the parents of Baron von Trapp who was played by Christopher Plummer in the movie ‘Sound of Music’.

Austro-Hungarian naval cemetery in Pula

On a research tour about my father’s life I also visited the cemetery of the Austro-Hungarian navy in Pula. The natural harbour of this city served as Austria’s main naval base until 1918.

St. Peter’s Cemetery in Salzburg

The cemetery of St. Peter (Petersfriedhof) is not only one of the oldest cemeteries of Salzburg but was also a set in the American movie ‘Sound of Music’. The small windows along the rock are part of the so called catacombs.