Cemeteries Friedrich Schiller

Kassengewölbe Mausoleum in Weimar

Kassengewölbe Mausoleum in WeimarThe original mausoleum was built as a family grave for Chamberlain Christoph Jenichsen, in 1715. The name Kassengewölbe refers to the Landschaftskassendirektorium (provincial treasury), which became the owner of this place in 1742. Friedrich Schiller is one of the most famous persons who found their final resting place here.

The later transfer of Schiller’s remains into the Weimar Ducal Vault failed. His bones could not be clearly identified and were probably lost with the levelling of the mausoleum. Therefore, I think that this place is more significant to admirers of the great poet than the famous Ducal Vault. The current building is a reconstruction from 1927.

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