Views on a train journey


View of Burg Niederfalkenstein from railway bridge

Today I had a special question for my readers. I love to take photos on my train journeys. In time more and more pictures taken through the windows of trains found their way as photo posts to this blog. It is time to tag them. But which tag to choose? After a small talk with my followers on Twitter and Facebook, a new term has emerged: Railviews

All my pictures taken while sitting on a train will get the tag Railviews. What is the purpose? I think travelling by train is a great way to get in touch with a country. One sees many sights and experiences the differences in landscape, architecture and wealth just by looking through the windows of a coach.

Well, a lot of points I have to prove? Feel free to browse through my new tag Railviews. Of course, the photos won’t be that brilliant. Sometimes the pictures will be blurry. In other cases, you will see a reflection of the lamps located inside the train.

By the way, the picture above features Niederfalkenstein Castle in Carinthia, Austria. I took the photo while my train was passing by on a bridge high over the castle.