Let’s talk about new town halls (#FriFotos)

New city hall in Hannover, Germany

The subject of today for #FriFotos is ‘new’. That reminds me of a phenomenon I came across on my city walks for several times: The guide-book told me ‘this’ is the ‘new’ town hall of the place but actually the building looked pretty old-fashioned. For example have a look at the Neue Rathaus von Hannover (New town hall of Hanover) depicted above which was opened in 1913.


Views on a train journey

View of Burg Niederfalkenstein from railway bridge

Today I had a special question for my readers. I love to take photos on my train journeys. In time more and more pictures taken through the windows of trains found their way as photo posts to this blog. It is time to tag them. But which tag to choose? After a small talk with my followers on Twitter and Facebook, a new term has emerged: Railviews


A good travel photo is about emotions

Landscape near Kroatisch-Minihof, Austria

Glancing through my photos of my latest trip in Burgenland, I came across this pic. I took it from my room’s window early in the morning. Immediately I got the feeling from that morning again.

This silence. This beauty.

For me, a good travel photo is about emotions. It would not only describe the place the photographer had been. To a greater degree, it would catch the feelings the photographer had at that place.

What do you think?


Choosing a train like a gourmet

Time table at Hamburg central station There is a funny habit I have: Every time I come across a train schedule at a railway station I have a look at this piece of paper like a gourmet reading a menu. And than I make some notes which destinations could be reached from this railway station and which ones I’d like to see next.