Public Art Sculptures

Sphaera by Stephan Balkenhol in Salzburg

Male part of the Sphaera at the Kapitelplatz in Salzburg

Memories! Years ago I used to play chess with local people right on this board depicted above. I am glad to see, the public chess board is still in use. By the way, the man on the sphere is a sculpture created by Stephan Balkenhol. The official name is ‘Sphaera‘, but people just call it ‘Mozartkugel‘.

Female part of the Sphaera at the Toskaninihof in Salzburg

Speaking about this sphere, there is an interesting fact: The artwork consists of two pieces! Whereas most visitors of Salzburg have already seen the male part of the Sphaera placed on Kapitelplatz, the female part is by far more hidden. The small figurine of a lady in red is located in a rock niche on a square namedToskaninihof.