Selection of Styrian delicacies

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Selection of Styrian delicacies

On a tour through Graz guided by the Graz Guides I had this selection of Styrian delicacies at the restaurant Eckstein. By the way did you know that Graz is also known as Austria’s Capital of Culinary Delights?

The selection depicted above consisted of

Top left
Lamb from the Weiz upland, served with pumpkin risotto and baked green beans
(Weizer Berglamm auf K├╝rbisrisotto dazu gebackene Fisolen)

Top right
Cold soup of lettuce served with marinated trout
(Kaltschale vom Grazer Krauth├Ąuptel mit gebeizter Forelle)

Below right
Ravioli stuffed with black sausage topped Styrian sauerkraut, drizzled in a schallot fond
(Steirisches Weinkraut mit Blutwurstravioli und Schalottenfond)

Below left
Brook trout served with celery mousse and Brussel sprouts
(Bachforelle mit Selleriecreme und Kohlsprossen)

Disclosure: The trip was supported by Graz Tourism Board

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