Salt-flower cake in Portorož

Salt-flower cake in Portorož, Slovenia

A delicacy of Portorož is the salt-flower cake (Torta Solni cvet). Portorož is known for the Sečovlje Saltworks (Sečoveljske soline) where salt is still produced in a traditional way. The depicted cake I had at the Café Central, a café of the LifeClass Hotels & Spa.


Cheese platter at Millstatt Lake

Cheese platter at the Alexanderhütte high over Millstatt Lake, Austria

At the Alexanderhütte, a hut high over Millstatt Lake (Millstättersee) I had this faboulous cheese platter with a glass of elderberries sirup. All the cheese was made by an alpine diary attached to the hut. In Austria there are many alpine diaries where dairy(wo)men take care for the cows and produce such cheese and butter the whole summer round.


Pumpkin seed oil tasting in Graz

Pumpkin seed oil degustation in Graz, Austria

During summer 2013 the organization Steirisches Kürbiskernöl g.g.A. (Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.D.O.) offers a tasting for pumpkin seed oil in a traditional restaurant of Graz. Opposite to other tastings of products, this event doesn’t present different types of pumpkin seed oil for selling but explain the difference between Styrian pumpkin seed oil and other oils from abroad.


Starters from Mostviertel

Starters from Mostviertel, Austria

A compilation of starters which are common in the Austrian region Mostviertel (from left to right): Räucherforelle (smoked trout), Sulz (cured meat in gelatine), Schafkäse (sheep milk cheese), Grammelschmalz (lard with greaves) and Karreespeck (back fat).


Baking bread in Rauris

Baking bread at Rauris, Austria

While writing this post, I am nibbling at a slice of bread I created myself! Lately, I visited a farm at the Kalchkendl Alm (an alp named Kalchkendl) in the Rauris Valley. There, I had the chance to bake bread for the first time. I took this lesson in a class guided by Roswitha Huber. The brand name of this class is Schule am Berg.