Mushroom dish in Klammstein

Mushroom pan in Klammstein, Austria

One reason to visit the restaurant of Hotel Klammstein was the ‘Pfandlwoche’. In this period the restaurant offered especially dishes served in pans (‘Pfandl’). I had a pan with mushrooms and dumplings. The owner of the restaurant told me the mushrooms were collected in the woods around the hotel.

Bönnsch in Bonn

Bönnsch, a beer served in an unique glas in Bonn, Germany

Lunchtime in Bonn! At the Restaurant Bönnsch, we got in touch with these special-shaped glasses.

Dicke Bohnen in Bonn, Germany

For lunch I had a Rhineland speciality: ‘Rheinische Dicke Bohnen’. From the menu: ‘Mit Bohnenkraut abgeschmeckt, mit gebratenen Kasselerscheiben in einer Thymiansauce serviert, als Beilage servieren wir knusprige Bratkartoffel’

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Bread store in Nuremberg

Bread store in Nuremberg, Germany

I had known Nuremberg is famous for its Lebkuchen but I was surprised how many sorts of bread this bread store (Feinkost Nikolaus Schwarz) is offering. Amazing how different the outer crusts and the crumbles of each loaf look like. And yes, I always love a good piece of bread. What about you?