Baking bread in Rauris

Baking bread at Rauris, Austria

While writing this post I am nibbling at a slice of bread which I actually made by myself! At a farm at the Kalchkendl Alm, an alp named Kalchkendl located in Rauris Valley, I had the chance to bake bread the first time. I took this lesson at a class named Schule am Berg, guided by Roswitha Huber.

Mushroom dish in Klammstein

Mushroom pan in Klammstein, Austria

One reason to visit the restaurant of Hotel Klammstein was the ‘Pfandlwoche’. In this period the restaurant offered especially dishes served in pans (‘Pfandl’). I had a pan with mushrooms and dumplings. The owner of the restaurant told me the mushrooms were collected in the woods around the hotel.

Nettle soup in Klammstein

Nettle soup

At the restaurant of Hotel Klammstein I tried nettle soup as starter. It was a great alternative to all these noodle soups you generally get in rural areas. The owner of the hotel told me that she collects the stinning nettle herself at certain places around the hotel.

Bönnsch in Bonn

Bönnsch, a beer served in an unique glas in Bonn, Germany

Lunchtime in Bonn! At the Restaurant Bönnsch, we got in touch with these special-shaped glasses.

Dicke Bohnen in Bonn, Germany

For lunch I had a Rhineland speciality: ‘Rheinische Dicke Bohnen’. From the menu: ‘Mit Bohnenkraut abgeschmeckt, mit gebratenen Kasselerscheiben in einer Thymiansauce serviert, als Beilage servieren wir knusprige Bratkartoffel’

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