Sundial at St Peter’s Archabbey

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Sundial at St Peter's Archabbey in Salzburg, Austria

You find this sundial in a courtyard of St. Peter’s Archabbey (Erzabtei St. Peter) in Salzburg. The two crossed keys represent the abbey’s coat of arms. The aged man is Saint Benedict. With the rule book and a raven, you see two attributes of him. [German]

St Peter’s Archabbey in Salzburg

St Peter’s Abbey was founded by Saint Rupert in 696. Considering only sites with a continuous history since its foundation, it may be the oldest monastery in German-speaking countries. Speaking about age, the abbey offers several attractions on its grounds.

St Peter’s Cemetery in Salzburg

St. Peter’s Cemetery dates back to about 700. You can even visit catacombs that may stem from the days of Severinus of Noricum. Cineasts may know the arcades of the cemetery from a scene in the movie “The Sound of Music”.

St Peter’s Stiftskeller in Salzburg

The St Peter’s Stiftskeller or Stiftskulinarium is a restaurant right below the mighty rocks of the Mönchsberg Hill. As Alcuin of York mentioned an abbey cellar in the same place in 803, some sources consider it the oldest inn in Europe.

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