Trinkhalle in Dessau-Roßlau

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Trinkhalle in Dessau-Roßlau

Not far from the master houses in Dessau-Roßlau stands this reconstruction of a Trinkhalle (drinking hall). The original building was designed by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1932. At that time, he was director of the Dessauer Bauhaus. The building survived World War II but was demolished in the 1970s. [German]

I think the building is remarkable for two reasons. First, it brings to mind the old term Trinkhalle. Many decades ago, these halls served a good purpose in providing workers with healthy drinks.

On the other hand, the size of the building does not correspond to the dimensions associated with the word hall. On the contrary, it looks very small. It has the appearance of a kiosk.

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