Lipizzaner in Lipica

At the Lipica stud farm, I watched a couple of Lipizzaner dashing around in the wild. Actually, the name of the horse breed originates from this Slovenian stud located near the border to Italy.

Mausoleum in Dessau-Roßlau

The mausoleum once served as a burial ground for the Dukes of Anhalt. It was built in the years 1894/98 according to plans by Franz Schwechten. Today the building is surrounded by a zoological garden. Together with the neighbouring Georgium, this forms a recreational area for the citizens of Dessau-Roßlau.

Aquarium Berlin

This illustration of a Triceratops is one of several animal representations on the outer walls of the Aquarium Berlin. In 1913, this edifice was built on the grounds of the Zoological Garden in the Tiergarten district.

Struggling oryxes in Salzburg

While walking through the zoo of Salzburg I came across this pair of struggling oryxes. I just love the symmetry of their horns in this special situation. The zoo is placed next to a big rock so one can see some animals in a rugged setting.

Fantail pigeon at Wartburg Castle in Eisenach

This pigeon is member of a breed living within the walls of Wartburg Castle in Eisenach. According to legend this breed was part of the dowry, Elisabeth of Hungary brought to the castle after her wedding with Louis IV, Landgrave of Thuringia.

Sundheimer Huhn at Zeche Zollern

In earlier times German miners used to have a small garden for vegetable and animals behind their homes. While strolling around a mining settlement next to the colliery Zeche Zollern I came across this special breed of chickens. In German they are called Sundheimer.

Shropshire sheep in Schlierbach

In Schlierbach I met the Shropshire sheep the first time. This sheep are known for loving grass but not nibbling at trees. So they are ideal for keeping grass short in fruit farms and in Christmas tree plantations. Best lawnmower ever.

Free running piglets in Schlierbach

In Schlierbach I had the chance to speak with the founder of SPES who is also a local organic farmer. While visiting his farm next to my hotel I came across these free running piglets. Well, the operative word is running! As you can see it was pretty difficult to get my camera ready on time.

The cat at the ice cream shop

Cute! A cat observing people in front of an ice cream shop in my native town Graz, Austria. I wonder what it is thinking right at that moment. Any ideas?

Storks in Deutschkreutz

A trip through Burgenland wouldn’t be complete without taking photos of storks. One can see their nests on many roofs in the easternmost state of Austria. Coincidentally, I found the nest with the most storks on top of a house that bore the name Burgenland.

Early birds vs early cats in Kukmirn

‘The early bird gets the worm’ but the early cat gets the breakfast! A fun experience while staying in Kukmirn, a pretty rural place in the Austrian state Burgenland.