Group Décor Sonore in Graz

Décor Sonore playing a traffic sign in Graz, Austria

At the beginning of the festival La Strada I watched the French group Décor Sonore playing in the streets of the city using hand rails, barriers, traffic signs and even balcony rails as instruments. By the way the German word for beginning is ‘Anfang’.


Florianer Tanzlgeiga at the Gipfelklänge 2013

Florianer Tanzlgeiga playing in Mostviertel, Austria

At the end of a long day of hiking we listened to the Florianer Tanzlgeiga sitting inside an inn and having some pigling for dinner. The group played pretty lively so some guests started to dance spontaneously.

The Floriani Tanzlgeiga offered an interesting mix of music. They played classic pieces as well as local ballads. The ladies sung the local songs in a broad dialect which made the event even more cosy.