‘Danetzare’ folk festival in Erfurt

Impression from the ‘Danetzare’ folk festival in Erfurt. The pic was taken at the parade of all participating groups through the streets of the city.

Domstufen-Festspiele in Erfurt

The Domstufen-Festspiele take place on the huge steps right between the Mariendom Cathedral and the St. Severi Church. In 2015 the opera The Marksmann (Der Freischütz) by Carl Maria von Weber was given. At the pic above a lady (a puppet of course) and her shadow moved down to the earth illustrating a vision of the leading actor Max.

jOPERA at Tabor Manor in Neuhaus/Klausenbach

Have you ever listened to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart inside a castle? At Tabor Manor (Schloss Tabor) in Neuhaus am Klausenbach I enjoyed his opera buffa ‘The Marriage of Figaro‘. It was fascinating to listen to the genius music of Mozart and to watch the full moon moving above the stage. [German]

Heinkel Kabine in Constance

Ha, isn’t it a cutie? I saw this microcar generally known as Heinkel Kabine at the  Internationale Bodenseewoche. This traditional festival takes place at the harbour of Constance’s historic city center. It’s not only a meeting point for lovers of classic cars but also for powerful boats. [German]

Group Décor Sonore in Graz

At the beginning of the festival La Strada I watched the French group Décor Sonore playing in the streets of the city using hand rails, barriers, traffic signs and even balcony rails as instruments. By the way the German word for beginning is ‘Anfang’.

Gipfelklänge 2013 in Mostviertel

The festival ‘Gipfelklänge’ in Mostviertel offered two days of hiking through the landscape of nature park Eisenwurzen while listening to music at some places along the hiking tour. At the picture above one can see the group ‘Saxofour’

Tini Kainrath at the Gipfelklänge 2013

A nice finale for the Gipfelklänge 2013: Having a jazz brunch with Tini Kainrath and band. The concert took place on the grounds of a former Hammerherrenhaus (Building for the owner of a hammer mill), which is part of the theme park Mendlingtal.

Musikverein St. Georgen/Reith at the Gipfelklänge 2013

The 2nd day of the ‘Gipfelklänge 2013‘ started with a concert by a brass-band in front of the Hotel Fahrnberger. No chance to sleep any minute longer in the cosy ‘Genießerzimmer’ of the hotel. The Genießerzimmer are special rooms promoted in the area of the Austrian state Lower Austria.

Klaus Trabitsch at the Gipfelklänge 2013

Next station of the festival ‘Gipfelklänge’, next surprise: Klaus Trabitsch and his band are playing together with the a capella trio Insingizi next to a mountain hut named Kitzhütte. After several very humorous and spirited songs a local joined the group with an odd instrument.

Group Saxofour at the Gipfelklänge 2013

The hiking tour with music named ‘Gipfelklänge’ has started. After a small hike along a lot of fodder meadows and fruit trees we came across this group called ‘Saxofour’. While having local tidbits bought at a nearby farmer house as lunch we all had a good time by listening to their spirited music.