Otto Wagner Schützenhaus

Schützenhaus by Otto Wagner in Vienna, Austria

The Schützenhaus was built in 1904 – 1908 according to plans by Otto Wagner. The building was part of a planned weir. Schützenhaus refers to the control gates (Schütze) used in such weirs. Today, the building houses a restaurant called “Otto Wagner Schützenhaus”. [German]


Museum tramway in Mariazell

At the depot of the museum tramway in Mariazell, Austria

I took this pic inside the depot of the museum tramway in Mariazell. The private association provides not only a museum tramway connecting the railway station of Mariazell with the nearby Erlauf Lake (Erlaufsee) but also consists of a fine selection of Austrian tramcars built before WW II. The depicted tramcar was designed by Austrian architect Otto Wagner.


Otto-Wagner-Bridge in Vienna

Otto-Wagner-Bridge in Vienna, Austria

This bridge designed by Otto Wagner was built in 1894/1895 and is still in use by the subway line U6 which is obviously an elevated railway at this part of the line. There are several names for this bridge, e.g. Otto-Wagner-Brücke, Wientalbrücke or Brücke über die Zeile.