House ‘Zum Breiten Herd’ in Erfurt

House 'Zum breiten Herd' in Erfurt, Germany

The house Zum Breiten Herd (to the wide stoven) in one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Erfurt. It is located at the former fish market (Fischmarkt) of the city. In the five fields below the first row of windows you can spot depictions of the five senses.


House to the black bugle in Erfurt

'House to the black bugle' in Erfurt, Germany

In 1518 German mathematician Adam Ries went to Erfurt and ran a mathematics school there. At the ‘House to the black bugle’ (Haus zum Schwarzen Horn) two of his mathematic books were published by printer Mathes Maler.

Doors Renaissance

Haus zum Sonneborn in Erfurt

Haus zum Sonneborn in Erfurt, Germany

Behind this door you will find the registry office and a venue for marriages. The building is a reconstruction but the portal dates back to Renaissance period.


Weimarer Stadthaus in Weimar

Weimarer Stadthaus in Weimar, Germany

The Stadthaus of Weimar (Weimarer Stadthaus) is a Renaissance building at the market place of Weimar. After demolition in WWII the building has been reconstructed in the 1970s.

Architecture Renaissance

Freihaus of Christoph Weiß in Wels

Freihaus of Christoph Weiß in Wels, Austria

The Freihaus of Christoph Weiß was built at the end of the 16th century. The Renaissance building is especially known for its window frames made of diamond-shaped bossages.

Renaissance Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozarthaus in Linz

Inner yard of the Mozarthaus in Linz

During a stopover in Linz, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote the Symphony No. 36 (Linz Symphony) in this building located in the historic centre of the city. The Mozarthaus isn’t open for public but the inner court is worth a visit though.

Palaces Renaissance

Celle Palace at night in Celle

Celle Renaissance Palace in Lower Saxony, Germany

On the way back to my hotel I passed the palace of Celle (Schloss Celle) again. Sometimes a walk around a castle at night is even more exciting than in the daylight. Especially if you are alone in the streets.

Castles Frescoes Renaissance

Parz Castle in Grieskirchen

Frescoes of Schloss Parz in Grieskirchen

The frescoes at the store front of Parz Castle (Schloss Parz) are the largest Renaissance frescoes north of the Alps. I had the chance to see them while visiting the State exhibition 2010 about Renaissance and Reformation in Upper Austria.

Castles Renaissance Towers

Tower of Schallaburg Castle

Tower of Schallaburg Castle, Austria

The lovely tower of Schallaburg, a Renaissance castle in Lower Austria (Niederösterreich).

Renaissance Towers Water Towers

Water tower in Wels

Frontside of the Renaissance water tower (16th century) in Wels, Austria

This water tower in Wels was built in 1577/1579 by Wolfgang Khranlachner. Inside the tower, there is a pump designed by the watchmaker Clement Rench. The colourful façade painting was done by the artist Niclas Linkh.

Museums Palaces Renaissance

Porcia Castle in Spittal an der Drau

Porcia Castle in Spittal an der Drau, Austria

The Renaissance castle in the style of an Italian palazzi was built in 16th century. It houses a museum for local history and a female ghost. Porcia Castle (Schloss Porcia) is notorious for the White Lady Katharina of Salamanca, who is said to be cursed to haunt the rooms.

Palaces Renaissance

Courtyard of Porcia Castle in Spittal

Auditorium at Schloss Porcia, Austria

On my walk through Spittal an der Drau I got a glimpse of the courtyard of Porcia Palace (Schloss Porcia). On that day there were some preparations for a theatre festival taking place in this courtyard. Seems to be an excellent location for a classical stage play, doesn’t it?