Monument to Marcus Aurelius

Equestrian statue of Roman emperor Marc Aurel in Tulln, Austria

This equestrian statue of emperor Marcus Aurelius is a replica of that one which used to be on Capitols Square (Piazza del Campidoglio) in Rome until 1979. The statue in Tulln is reminiscent of the fact that this place is situated on the site of a former Roman camp named Comagena.

Roman Tower in Cologne

Street view of the Roman Tower

The Roman Tower (Römerturm) is one of several towers in Cologne dating back to Roman times. At the time of the Romans the city was called Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium. This was surrounded by a strong wall with a total of 19 towers. Remains of this wall and some towers can still be seen today.

Via Norica in Windischgarsten

Roman places along the Via Norica at a building in Windischgarsten, Austria

This mural at a building in Windischgarsten shows some ancient Roman places along a local part of the Via Norica. During Roman times Windischgarsten was a stopping place (mansio) at this road named Gabromagus or Gabromagi.

Mithras Shrine III in Ptuj

Mithras shrine III in Ptuj, Slovenia

Remains of a Mithras shrine inside a protecting building built in the style of an ancient Roman sanctuary. The shrine was erected in the sixtieth of the 3rd century by soldiers of the legion XIII Gemina.

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Roman tombstone in Wels

Roman tombstone in Wels, Austria

A medallion, formerly part of a Roman tombstone dated with 2nd century, seen in a wall of a building in the city of Wels (Stadtplatz 18). The man is wearing a Roman toga, the lady is dressed with a Celtic costume. During the Roman era the city of Wels was known as Ovilava and served as capital city of the Roman province Noricum Ripense.