Loos House in Vienna

The Loos House (Looshaus) is considered a central building of the Viennese Modern Age (Wiener Moderne). It was designed around 1910 by architect Adolf Loos. Because of the missing decorative elements above the windows, the Viennese called this building “The house without eyebrows”.

Ell at the city hall of Hildesheim

In the past fabrics were measured in ells (Ellen). In order to have a uniform standard for the whole market such ells were displayed at central places in the city. The Elle of Hildesheim is shown at the city hall.

Cactus in Überlingen

If you are fed up with colourful flowers in window boxes why not using cactus? I saw this decoration in Überlingen, a city on Lake Constance with some remarkable old buildings.

Floral decoration in Schorndorf

On my way to the birthplace of Gottlieb Daimler in Schorndorf I came across this beautiful floral decoration. Which places with exceptional floral decorations do you know?

Blogtrip to Graz

This weekend I am invited to a blog trip featuring Graz and some parts of Styria. I really look forward to get in touch … with my home city. Yes, I’ll be a backyard explorer this weekend.

Bear at a window in Vienna

For several weeks this bear standing in a window made me smile while passing the city railway station Gumpendorfer Strasse in Vienna. By the way, this bear is not the once toy animal that makes me smile in Vienna.

High wheel in Haus

On my tour through the Styrian place Haus I came across this high wheeler. Well, honestly speaking riding this kind of bike seems pretty uncomfortable to me. Have you ever tried such a high wheel? And do you know the term penny-farthing for this kind of bike?

Walks around Haus im Ennstal

Today I am invited by 50plus Hotels Österreich to be a guest of the Panoramahotel Gürtl in Haus. I look forward to experience a hiking tour and having a barbecue with a great view. The program this afternoon: Looking for some sheep at Hauser Kaibling A visit at the Museum of Wintersport Walk through the…

Klimt walk in Vienna

Tonight I am a guest at the Hotel am Konzerthaus invited by 50plus Hotels Österreich. The hotel is very special, it is decorated in the style of Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) and all rooms are filled with reproductions of that period. So I got inspired to have a small walk through Vienna visiting some venues showing…