Loos House in Vienna

Looshaus in Vienna, Austria

The Loos House (Looshaus) is considered a central building of the Viennese Modern Age (Wiener Moderne). It was designed around 1910 by architect Adolf Loos. Because of the missing decorative elements above the windows, the Viennese called this building “The house without eyebrows”. [German]

High wheel in Haus

High wheel in Haus, Austria

On my tour through the Styrian place Haus I came across this high wheeler. Well, honestly speaking riding this kind of bike seems pretty uncomfortable to me. Have you ever tried such a high wheel? And do you know the term penny-farthing for this kind of bike?

The hidden church of Meidling, Vienna

The 'hidden' church in Meidling, Vienna

Do you know this phenomenon: You can only spot things you know they are around you – If you don’t know their existence you’ll overlook them. After many years leaving my train at railway station Meidling the sound of church bells made me aware there is a church next to me. Well, do you see the church?

Beautiful fanlight in Celle

Beautiful fanlight in Celle, Germany

Nice decorated fanlight seen at a half-timbered house in Celle. I am not sure about the style. It seems to be not much older than 100 years? What do you think?