Loudspeaker in Bratislava

Loudspeaker in Bratislava, Slovakia

An interesting detail of Slovakia (and Czech Republic): There are more than usual loudspeakers in the streets. Not only in the main cities but also in the smaller ones. A kind of political information system? Which countries do you know where you can see many loudspeakers in the streets?

Canal Grande in Trieste

Canal Grande in Trieste, Italy

On my research tour for Austrian tracks in Italy I also visited the Borgo Teresiano of Trieste. It was founded by Maria Theresa in the middle of 18th century. The canal depicted above was a waterway for merchant ships in order to bring commodities directly to the merchants in the city. [German]

Public inner yard in Salzburg

Inner yard in Salzburg, Austria

One of the numerous inner yards called Durchhäuser in the old part of Salzburg. The name refers to the fact you can go through (durch) these yards in order to get from one public street to the other.

Funny fireplug in Tabor

Fun fire hydrant in Tabor, Czech Republic

While walking through the Czech city Tabor I came across this funny fireplug. Tabor is a historic city in the region of South Bohemia, Czech Republic. An attraction of this place is an accessible system of tunnels below the city.

A gondolier in Nuremberg

Gondola at the Pegnitz in Nuremberg, Germany

While my visit at Nuremberg I was told there is one man with a licence for a gondola. After some hours watching the river in the middle of the city I was able to catch him on a photo. The building in the background is named ‘Heilig-Geist-Spital‘. During medieval times it used to be a home for old and sick people.