Photos of school classes in Sopron

Photos of school classes in Sopron, HungaryPhotos of school classes in Sopron, Hungary

An interesting detail one can often see in Hungary: Public viewed photos of school classes. Does anyone know if this tradition is limited to certain classes, e.g. senior years?

Rainbow in the streets of Graz

Rainbow in the streets of Graz, Austria

Amazing! Next to a construction site, I saw this rainbow (bottom left) in the streets of Graz. It was caused by a drizzle, with which the dust of demolition work had been tied. So I had the chance to walk through a rainbow for the first time.

Nice balcony in Udine

Nice balcony in Udine, Italy

Nice balcony in the streets of Udine. Who of you would like to be Juliet on that balcony?

A weird tree in Udine

A weird tree in Udine, Italy

On my way back from the castle of Udine down to the city I came across this atmospheric place dominated by a weird tree.

Loggia del Lionello in Udine

Loggia del Lionello in Udine, Italy

The Loggia del Lionello is a Venetian Gothic style edifice built in 15th century. The colours of whith and red marble are a fine alteration to the pure white of the Piazza della Libertà. An interesting detail: Right in the middle of the loggia there is big thermometer using a technology I saw there the first time.