Diesel railcar ÖBB 5047 in Hainfeld

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Diesel railcar ÖBB 5047 at the railway station of Hainfeld, Austria

The diesel railcar ÖBB 5047 was produced by the Tyrolean Jenbacher Werke in the years 1987-1995. It replaced several older railcars such as the ÖBB 5144. I few of them were sold to competitors of the ÖBB, e.g. to the Hugarian-Austrian Raaberbahn AG.

Interior of an Austrian diesel railcar ÖBB 5047

I often use this railcar while heading to smaller Austrian places locat along branch lines in the Austrian rail network. The car only offers 2nd class and simple seats but the windows can be opened. So this railcar is ideal for photo journeys through Austrian sceneries.