Budapest Keleti Station

Facade of the Budapest Keleti railway station

The Budapest Keleti pályaudvar railway station (abbreviated as Keleti pu) is the most important of the three major international stations in Budapest. It was built between 1881 and 1884 by János Feketeházy (railway engineer) and Gyula Rochlitz (architect).


Royal Palace of Visegrád

Inside the walls of the Royal Palace in Visegrád, Hungary

King Charles I of Hungary commissioned the first Royal House in the 14th century. In the 15th century, Matthias Corvinus renewed the palace in late Gothic style. After the Ottoman siege in 1544, the building fell into ruins. Its excavation began in 1934 and continues today.


Sümeg Castle in Sümeg

Sümeg Castle in Sümeg, Hungary

Sümeg Castle (Sümeg Vár) is one of the most well-preserved fortresses in Hungary. It was built in the mid or late 13th century by Béla IV of Hungary. Today the elongated castle high over the town of Sümeg is a venue for tournaments and cultural events. [German]


Photos of school classes in Sopron

Photos of school classes in Sopron, HungaryPhotos of school classes in Sopron, Hungary

An interesting detail one can often see in Hungary: Public viewed photos of school classes. Does anyone know if this tradition is limited to certain classes, e.g. senior years?


Fun sign in Sopron, Hungary

Fun traffic sign in Sopron, Hungary

On my way from the city centre to the railway station of Sopron I came across this sign which showed me the direction to the station. I was really surprised about the design of the locomotive. What do you think? Is this an official sign?