Strange vehicles in Budapest

Strange vehicle in Budapest, Hungary

During my short walk around the railway station Keleti Pu I came across strange vehicles like this one at two different places. I wonder what the story of these vehicles is? Any ideas?

Railway Stations

The charm of understanding nothing

Door at Keleti Pu in Budapest

I speak German and English. I understand a bit Romance and Slavonic languages. I don’t understand Hungarian. Not a single word. But I loved to listen to the loudspeakers at the railway station Keleti Pu in Budapest. Listening to a completely foreign language is like listening to music, isn’t it?


Street name sign in Budapest

Street name sign in Budapest, Hungary

A colourful street name sign I came across next to the railway station Keleti Pu. I love such signs which show more than the name of the street.

Railway Stations Railways

Railway station Keleti Pu in Budapest

Railway station Keleti Pu in Budapest; Hungary

The destination on my 2nd day of my InterRail journey was the railway station Keleti pályaudvar (‘Keleti Pu’) in Budapest. In was built in the years 1881 – 1884.

Railway Stations

The crow at the railway station

The crow at the railway station

While walking through the railway station Keleti pályaudva ‘Keleti Pu’ I came across this chandalier. It was not the only one which was decorated with a crow. I guess, it is a method to scare the pigeons off. What do you think?

Museums Palaces

Festetics Palace in Keszthely

Festetics Palace in Keszthely, Hungary

On a sunny day in fall I visited Festetics Palace (Festetics Kastély) near Lake Balaton in Hungary. After a walk through the Baroque Palace and a visit at the famous Helikon Library I spent some time at a collection of coaches and carriages housed in the former stable block.

Monuments Sisi

Monument to Sisi in Szeged

Monument of Sisi in Szeged, Hungary

On my first walk through Szeged I came across a monument to Elisabeth of Austria, who was also Queen of Hungary. Her Hungarian name is Erzsébet but many people of the 21th century just know her by the names Sisi or Sissi.


Sümeg Castle in Sümeg

Sümeg Castle in Sümeg, Hungary

Sümeg Castle (Sümeg Vár) is regarded as one of the most well-preserved fortresses of Hungary. It was built in mid or late 13th century by Béla IV of Hungary. Today the huge castle high over the town of Sümeg is a venue for tournaments and cultural events. [German]

Castles Towers

Kinizsi Castle in Nagyvázsony

Kinizsi Castle in Nagyvázsony, Hungary

This tower is part of  the former stronghold of the legendary Hungarian military leader Pál Kinizsi. By climbing up this tower of Kinizsi Castle (Kinizsi-vár) I learned something new about the interior of residential towers in earlier ages. [German]

Museums Roman Empire

Ruins of Gorsium-Herculia near Tác

Roman ruins in Tác, Hungary

From the middle of the 1st century a Roman fort controlled a road junction and the ford of the Sarvíz. Today an archaeological park and an open air museum near Tác tell about life during the ancient Roman period. [German]

City Walls Roman Empire

City walls of Sopron

City walls of Sopron, Hungary

Parts of the uncovered city walls of Sopron are dating back to the Roman period. In Roman times the city was known as Scarbantia and served as a marketplace along the Amber Road. [German]


Yellow house in Sopron

Yellow house in Sopron, Hungary

A nice coloured house in Sopron, Hungary.