Regina Pacis in Bonn

Regina Pacis in Bonn, Germany

Wilhelm Rottermondt created this statue of the ‘Regina Pacis’. It stands in a niche on the facade of the University of Bonn. I love to take photos of such sculptures. Generally, tourists overlook them. What about you? Are you looking for such details on your walks through foreign cities?

Sculpture of Hermes in Bonn

Sculpture of Hermes in Bonn, Germany

While walking along the streets of Bonn I came across this sculpture of Hermes. Famously he is the god of the travellers. Well, I wonder if Hermes could be the god of the travel bloggers as well. What do you think?

City hall of Bonn

Town hall of Bonn, Germany

Unfortunately it was pretty rainy during my visit in Bonn. I got a nice photo of the city hall though. Many years ago I watched a ‘Rathaussturm’ here. Have you already heard about this carnival tradition? At the end of the carnival period the carnival revellers supported by a female guard ‘take over the power’ at the city hall for a few days.

Bönnsch in Bonn

Bönnsch, a beer served in an unique glas in Bonn, Germany

Lunchtime in Bonn! At the Restaurant Bönnsch, we got in touch with these special-shaped glasses.

Dicke Bohnen in Bonn, Germany

For lunch I had a Rhineland speciality: ‘Rheinische Dicke Bohnen’. From the menu: ‘Mit Bohnenkraut abgeschmeckt, mit gebratenen Kasselerscheiben in einer Thymiansauce serviert, als Beilage servieren wir knusprige Bratkartoffel’

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