Horseshoe Tower in Tulln

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Ancient Roman tower in Tulln, Austria

The Horseshoe Tower (Hufeisenturm) in Tulln remains from the ancient military camp Comagena. The Roman name originated from an equestrian unit descending from the region of Commagena.

Horseshoe vs fan-shaped tower

The building is named after the shape of its ground plan, which reminds of a horseshoe (Hufeisen). Another noteworthy ground plan does have late Roman fan-shaped towers. I saw foundation walls of them in Passau and Tác.

Roman Museum in Tulln

The local Roman Museum tells more about the history of Comagena, a military camp at the shore of the Danube. It was part of the Danube Limes, which has been inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage in 2021.

Marc Aurel in Tulln

A striking reminder of the Roman presence in the region of today’s Tulln is an equestrian statue of emperor Marc Aurel. It is a replica of the one which used to stand on Capitols Square in Rome.

Sources / More info

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