Horseshoe Tower in Tulln

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Ancient Roman tower in Tulln, Austria

The Horseshoe Tower (Hufeisenturm) in Tulln is a remain from the ancient military camp Comagena. During the Roman era this camp hosted an equestrian unit, which originated from the region of Commagene.

Horseshoe vs fan-shaped tower

The building is named after the shape of its ground plan, which reminds of a horseshoe (Hufeisen). Another noteworthy ground plan does have late Roman fan-shaped towers. I saw foundation walls of them in Passau and Tác.

Roman Museum in Tulln

The local Roman Museum tells more about the history of Comagena, a military camp at the shore of the Danube. It was part of the Danube Limes, which has been inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage in 2021.

Marc Aurel in Tulln

A striking reminder of the Roman presence in the region of today’s Tulln is an equestrian statue of emperor Marc Aurel. It is a replica of the one which used to stand on Capitols Square in Rome.

Sources / More info

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