Matzen Castle in Reith

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Matzen Castle in Reith, Austria

Matzen Castle in Reith was first mentioned in the 13th century. In earlier times, a settlement named Mascianum guarded a Roman street here. Today, the building houses a castle hotel. [German]

Roman settlement Macianum

Several sources mention a Roman street station named Mascianum, where we find the castle today. The station guarded an important ancient street near the Inn River.

William Adolf Baillie Grohman

Fanny Reade of Mount Heaton bought Matzen Castle in 1873. She added the Renaissance-like oriel on the south side of the building. Her son, William Adolf Baillie Grohman, became famous for writing several books about Tyrol and its inhabitants. He was also a pioneer in skiing in Tyrol.

Matzen Castle Hotel

Today, Matzen Castle houses a hotel with a spa in the tower. That way, guests have a fine view from the spa lounge onto the castle roofs and the surrounding landscape.

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