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Bensberg Palace

Schloss Bensberg in Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany

Bensberg Palace (Schloss Bensberg) was designed by Italian Baroque architect Matteo Alberti in the beginning of the 18th century. Today the former hunting lodge for the Counts Palatine of the Rhine houses a 5-Star Grand hotel.

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Finstergrün Castle

Finstergrün Castle in Ramingstein, Austria

Finstergrün Castle (Burg Finstergrün) rises high over Ramingstein. This is a place in Lungau, a region in the Austrian state of Salzburg. The castle was first mentioned in the 12th century. Today it houses a hostel. I took this pic on a rail trip with a local train of the Styrian Railway (STB).

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Hotel Elephant in Weimar

Lichtsaal of Hotel Elephant in Weimar

The hotel directly on the central market is one of the top addresses in Weimar. On the occasion of a dinner, I cross the amazing light hall (Lichtsaal) of the hotel. The hall is separated in several areas by bookshelves. The atmosphere is like in cosy living rooms. Numerous photographs, graphics and paintings help to shorten the time.

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Hotel ‘Speicher am Ziegelsee’ in Schwerin

Hotel 'Speicher am Ziegelsee' in Schwerin, Germany

The ****Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee is located inside a former granary dating back to 1939.  The edifice is situated next to a lake named Ziegelsee so guests can reach the hotel by boat. The sign HOTEL SPEICHER is actually the sign of the boat station.

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Hohenzollern Castle in Heiligendamm

Hohenzollern Castle in Heiligendamm, Germany

Hohenzollern Castle (Burg Hohenzollern) was built in the 1840s. The idea was to create something romantic, the architect Georg Adolf Demmler (1804-1886) was influenced by Tudor castles he visited in England. Today the edifice is part of an ensemble run by the Grandhotel Heiligendamm.

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Youth hostel in Warnemünde

Youth hostel in Warnemünde, Germany

A fun way to stay in Warnemünde is this youth hostel located in the edifice of a former weather station. The equipment on top of the tower is still used for providing data for weather forecasting.

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Nuremberg Youth Hostel

One of numerous huge QR Codes at the youth hostel in Nuremberg, GermanyThe youth hostel in Nuremberg (Nürnberg) is located in a part of the Imperial Castle complex high over the city. Though the rooms are pretty modern, there are also several atmospheric parts. Interesting detail: You can find huge QR codes all over the hostel telling you interesting details about the city of Nuremberg.

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Eisenhuthaus in Poysdorf

Archway at an upper floor of the Eisenhuthaus (1540) in Poysdorf, Austria

A very special accommodation in Poysdorf: The Eisenhuthaus, a building dating back to 1540, is not only the oldest building of the city but also offers some rooms for staying there.

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Hotel Mitra in Ptuj

Painting II at the Roman suite of Hotel Mitra in Ptuj, SloveniaEach room of Hotel Mitra is decorated with a different painting. The subject of the painting depicted above refers to the Roman history of Ptuj, which was named Poetovio in ancient times.

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muziKafe Bed & Breakfast in Ptuj

Backyard of the Muzikafe in Ptuj, Slovenia

A play of smithery and colours in the backyard of muziKafe Bed & Breakfast in Ptuj. After an one-year trip aournd the world a family decided to go back to their home town Ptuj and to see the world as guests in their bed & breakfast.

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Grand Hotel Primus in Ptuj

Roman pool at the Grand Hotel Primus in Ptuj, Slovenia

The spa area of Grand Hotel Primus in Ptuj offers, besides a couple of treatment rooms designed in different periods of history, a pool in ancient Roman luxury style.

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Event resort Scalaria at lake Wolfgangsee in Austria

Lake view from a room of the Scalaria in Sankt Wolfgang, Austria

Scalaria is a hotel as well as an event location located next to lake Wolfgangsee in Austria. Ready for hosting and entertaining Iarge companies with their staff or clients. For tourists it is open during several summer weeks and Advent season. I was invited by the resort to stay there for a night and to learn about the best moments the place has to offer.