Papiermachermuseum in Steyrermühl

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Paper mill in Steyrermühl, Austria

The Austrian Museum for Papermaking (Österreichisches Papiermachermuseum) is placed in the halls of a former paper mill in Steyrermühl. There you can learn something about the different ways of papermaking beginning with the papyrus of the ancient Egypt up to the huge paper mills of today.

I visited this museum on my trip along the sets of State Exhibition of Upper Austria 2008 (Oberösterreichische Landesausstellung) which featured many fascinating places in the area of the Salzkammergut.

On the way to the museum I came across several pieces which were in operation in the former paper mill. Such old technical structures are pretty intriguing, aren’t they? For example those container depicted above look very alien to me.

At the museum I was especially impressed by that part which showed the making of paper with old clothes. At that time poor people earned their money by collecting rags so I learned a lot about social aspects of papermaking as well.