Christmas Christmas Markets

Design-Weihnachtsmarkt at Looshaus, Vienna

Christmas market at Looshaus, Vienna

At this weekend I discovered an Christmas market in the basement of an amazing building in the middle of Vienna. The building was designed by Adolph Loos and is a gem for all people interested in architecture. The market (which is opened on weekends only) is focused on design and surprised me with two products: Phone covers made of water-resistant paper and travel reports as graphic novel!

Phone covers made of paper

The first surprise was a company which is based in my city Graz. It produces phone covers and notebook bags made of paper! The paper is water-resistant, the look and feel is pretty cool and one can even order such a bag with its own subject.

Travel report as graphic novel

At another stand, run by a company named Pictopia, I discovered graphic novels. The subjects of these novels were mainly about travelling.Yes, there are travellers who don’t write about their travel experiences but draw them! For example at the pic above one can see a graphic novel written by Guy Delisle about his time in Burma.