Christmas market of Coburg

Christmas market in Coburg, Germany

Renaissance facades and several corner oriels frame the Christmas market on the market square of Coburg. The oriels are known as Coburger Erker. Between the historic town hall and the former ducal chancery, visitors enjoy the Coburger Bratwurst. It is a sausage roasted over an open fire of pine cones. [German]


Hellbrunner Adventzauber

Gate at the Hellbrunner Adventzauber in Salzburg, Austria

The Hellbrunner Adventzauber is a Christmas market with a splendid atmosphere. It is situated on the grounds of Hellbrunn Palace (Schloss Hellbrunn) in Salzburg. About 400 trees decorated with 13,000 red Christmas balls make the market special.


Christmas crib in Sankt Wolfgang

Christmas crib in Sankt Wolfgang im Salzkammergut, Austria

An interesting detail of the Christmas market in Sankt Wolfgang (Wolfgangseer Advent) is a Christmas crib created by the wood carver Matthäus Mayrhauser. The crib consists of about 40 life-size sculptures scattered over a larger area. Everybody is invited to walk betCeen the figures so in the evening it is difficult to decide who is a real person and what is a wooden figure.


Let’s talk about Pickwick’s

Oven by Pickwick's at Freyung, Vienna

On my walks along the Christmas markets of Vienna I came across ovens labeled with the company sign Pickwick’s for several times. I love the style of the ovens and the sound of the company’s name. Does anyone know where this company is from and did you see this kind of ovens at the Christmas market of your place as well?


Design-Weihnachtsmarkt at Looshaus, Vienna

Christmas market at Looshaus, Vienna

This weekend I discovered a Christmas market in the basement of an amazing building in the middle of Vienna. The building was designed by Adolph Loos and is a gem for all people interested in architecture. The market (which is opened on weekends only) is focused on design and surprised me with two products: Phone covers made of water-resistant paper and travel reports as a graphic novel!