City of Nativity Scenes

More than thirty nativity scenes can be visited in the city of Bamberg. These are spread over the entire town and invite you to an exciting exploration of cribs as well as the places of Bamberg. The range extends from historical to modern models.

Christmas market of Coburg

The Christmas market on the market square of Coburg is framed by Renaissance facades and several corner oriels, which are known as Coburger Erker. Between the historic town hall and the former ducal chancery, visitors enjoy the Coburger Bratwurst, a sausage which is traditionally roasted over an open fire of pine cones.

Stagecoach at the Christkindlesmarkt of Nuremberg

During the Christkindlesmarkt, the traditional christmas market of Nuremberg, one have the chance to ride on a 1939 reproduction of a nine-seater Berlin with two coupés from 1874. The stagecoach is supplied by the Museum for Communication which is also worth a visit.

Christmas pickle from Lauscha

At a glassworks in Lauscha, generally known as Farbglashütte Lauscha – ELIAS Glashütte, I joined a workshop about how to decorate a Christmas tree. To my surprise I learned about a US traditon to hide a green Christmas pickle in the tree. This tradition is pretty unknown in Germany but the glassworks sell a lot of…

Christmas market at the Arsenal in Vienna

Every year in December a medieval Christmas market takes place in front of the Museum of Military History (Heeresgeschichtlichs Museum) in Vienna. The market, which is generally named after the whole area (Arsenal) lasts only for a weekend so you should look for the exact date beforehand.

Hellbrunner Adventzauber in Salzburg

The Hellbrunner Adventzauber is a Christmas market with a splendid atmosphere. It is situated on the grounds of Hellbrunn Palace (Schloss Hellbrunn) in Salzburg. About 400 trees decorated with 13,000 red Christmas balls makes the market special.

Christmas crib in Sankt Wolfgang

An interesting detail of the Christmas market in Sankt Wolfgang (Wolfgangseer Advent) is a Christmas crib created by the wood carver Matthäus Mayrhauser. The crib consists of about 40 life-size sculptures scattered over a larger area. Everybody is invited to walk betCeen the figures so in the evening it is difficult to decide who is a real…

Christmas market in Sankt Wolfgang

The Christmas market of Sankt Wolfgang im Salzkammergut is part of three markets (Wolfgangseer Advent) which are located around lake Wolfgangsee. So people can move from market to market by crossing the lake by boat.

Sparkling Christmas decorations (#FriFotos)

The subject of today for #FriFotos is ‘sparkling’. I’ve decided to combine this subject with photos of Christmas decorations I have seen the last two years. The photo above shows some Christmas deco of Vienna. The depicted crowns fit well with the name of the street which refers to Habsburg family: Habsburgergasse.

Fairy tale movies on Christmas TV

When I was a child I used to watch fairy tales on TV every Christmas season. Generally these movies were taken in Czech Republic. Many years later I still remember the plots of these tales like ‘Three hazelnuts for Cinderella’, ‘Pan Tau’, and ‘Arabela’. What about your memories?

Thoughts about the Christmas markets of Vienna

On 18th November 2012 I started a series of blog posts featuring the Christmas markets of Vienna. In the last six weeks I tried to visit a lot of markets situated in this big city. Well, its time to put down a final blog post answering the question: Which Christmas markets are worth a visit?