Dragon bridge in Ljubljana

This dragon was one of four I saw at the dragon bridge (Zmajski most) in Ljubljana. The bridge finished in the beginning of the 20th century shows some elements of the Viennese Secession. The dragons were produced in Vienna (Factory A. M. Beschorner).

Footbridge in Reichenau/Rax

On the way to the railway station Reichenau I cross the Schwarza on a pedestrian bridge with filigree iron construction. The view of the nearby mountains makes me want to go climbing. The lanterns on the bridge remind me, however, that I am still in a valley on the grounds of a famous spa town…

Bridge of Sighs in Venice

While taking the tour around the Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale) I crossed the Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri). Standing inside the bridge I took this pic. In former times, prisoners went via this bridge to their cells. So this view of Venice was probably their last one, for a long time.

Marienbrücke in Schwangau

A longshot of the Marienbrücke taken from a balcony of Neuschwanstein Castle (Schloss Neuschwanstein). From there one has an excellent view over the whole castle. The bridge can be reached by bus starting near the ticket office in Hohenschwangau.

‘Eiserne Brücke’ in Neunkirchen

The Eiserne Brücke (Iron Bridge) in Neunkirchen dates back to the end of the 19th century. The bridge builder was the Ignaz Gridl Brückenbau-Anstalt. Especially in autumn, one has a great view of the Schwarza river from the bridge.

Unstrut Viaduct in Saxony-Anhalt

While travelling from Naumburg (Saale) to the visitor centre of the Nebra Sky Disk by bus, I got this view of the new built Unstrut Viaduct which crosses the spacious Unstrut Valley. With a length of 2,688 m, it is considered the second longest railway bridge of Germany.

Pedestrian bridge at railway station Voitsberg

I love the architecture of this footbridge which is located next to the railway station of Voitsberg. The bridge spans the tracks of the railroad between the Styrian places Graz and Köflach. The railroad is used by the GKB Railways (Graz-Köflacher-Bahn und Busbetrieb).

‘Roman bridge’ in Scheibbs

This stone bridge was built in 1554 by Valentin Staudinger. The bridge using a rock in the middle of the river is considered to be the oldest still existing bridge crossing the Erlauf river. The name ‘Roman Bridge’ (Römerbrücke) for a 16th century bridge is odd but there is an assumption that the Romans used the same…

Puh Bridge in Ptuj

The Puh Bridge (Puhov Most) is named after Janez Puh, an inventor and mechanic who became famous for founding the Austrian Puch automobile plants. The bridge was created by Peter Gabrijelčič аnd Viktor Markelj and opened in 2007. It is an extradosed bridge which spans the Drava River in a bow.

Krämerbrücke in Erfurt

The Krämerbrücke is a bridge covered with 32 inhabited, half-timbered buildings. Most of these buildings houses artisans’ and antique shops. In building N° 31 a permanent exposition informs about the past and present of the Krämerbrücke.

Parksteg in Payerbach

This footbridge in Payerbach, generally known as Parksteg, was built in 1903. It is a combination of concrete and a railing in the style of Jugendstil. I was especially impressed by the idea to create the ornaments by using cast concrete.

Rustensteg in Vienna

Detail of the Rustensteg, a pedestrian bridge crossing the tracks leading to the railway station Westbahnhof in Vienna. It was built in 1901. Standing on top of this bridge one have a great view of trains entering and leaving the railway station.