Town pharmacy in Knittelfeld

This house sign is located at the former location of the town pharmacy in the building Hauptplatz No. 10. Since 1674, a gingerbread baker has been proved here. A pharmacy was run in this house since 1841. The house sign dates from the 19th century.

DRG Kleinlokomotive Class II in Knittelfeld

This locomotive with the current number ÖBB X112.07 was built in 1935 by the German company Krauss-Maffei for the German National Railway (Deutsche Reichsbahn). It is a exemplar of the DRG Kleinlokomotive Class II, which was developed as a type with low weight and driving power for light shunting duties.

Post office building (1937) in Knittelfeld

This post office building at the Kapuzinerplatz was built in the year 1937. The architecture is pretty Alpine, the oriel is modeled on the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl) in Innsbruck. The decorations on the oriel show different mail services in course of time.

Sundial in Knittelfeld

At the sundial located at the Pfarrheim (parish community centre) of Knittelfeld one can not only see Saint Catherine but also the no longer existing town hall. The late Gothic town hall was destroyed in the Second World War.

City arms of Knittelfeld

The city arms (Stadtwappen) of Knittelfeld display three white staves in a red field. The German term for a stave is Knüttel, which could be the origin for the name Knittelfeld. The depicted coat of arms one can find at the Lutherstiege, an old staircase at the former town walls of the city.