Town pharmacy in Knittelfeld

Two lions as a house sign of the pharmacyThis house sign is located at the former location of the town pharmacy in the building Hauptplatz No. 10. Since 1674, a gingerbread baker has been proved here. A pharmacy was run in this house since 1841. The house sign dates from the 19th century. [German]

The sign with two lions was made by Italian migrant workers and renewed in 1957 by Alfred Kala. In 1973, the town pharmacy moved to the neighboring Meller house with the address Hauptplatz No. 9.

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Manhole cover in Mannheim

Manhole cover in Mannheim, Germany

Clever! On this manhole cover, an International Museum of Buttons (Knopf & Knopf Museum) is being advertised. This is located together with a brasserie and a hotel in a former railway station building in Warthausen. The building is located directly on the Öchsle Railway, a heritage railway from Warthausen to Ochsenhausen. [German]

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