Sphaera by Stephan Balkenhol in Salzburg, Austria

Male part of the Sphaera at the Kapitelplatz in Salzburg

Memories! Years ago I used to play chess with local people right on this board depicted above. I am glad to see, the public chess board is still in use. By the way the man on the sphere is a sculpture created by Stephan Balkenhol. The official name is ‘Sphaera‘, but people just call it ‘Mozartkugel‘.

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Wild Man Fountain in Salzburg, Austria

Figure on top of the Wild Man Fountain

The Wild Man Fountain (Wilder-Man-Brunnen) stands near the Furtwänglerpark in Salzburg. Personally I love the idea to see this wild man as a counterpoint to all the high class culture which is housed in the nearby Great Festival Hall (Großes Festspielhaus). By the way in his left hand you can see the emblem of the city of Salzburg. Continue reading

‘Gherkins’ by Erwin Wurm in Salzburg, Austria

'Gherkins' by Erwin Wurm in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is a very traditional city. Even though you can see a lot of contemporary art in the streets. E.g. these ‘Gherkins’ created by the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. Personally I like this piece of public art as the gherkins seems to have some personality. By the way the monument in the background is dedicated to Friedrich Schiller. I wonder if he has ever thought to write about gherkins?

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Women’s trail (Frauenspuren) in Salzburg, Austria

Women's trail (Frauenspuren) in Salzburg

Another interesting plaque you can see in Salzburg. A project named Frauenspuren (women’s trail) in Salzburg tells where eminent women worked or lived in the city. E.g. the plaque depicted above is dedicated to Dr. Rosa Kerschbaumer-Putjata, the first female Doctor in Austria. She ran an ophthalmic sanatorium in Salzburg.

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