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Monument to Marcus Aurelius

Equestrian statue of Roman emperor Marc Aurel in Tulln, Austria

This equestrian statue of emperor Marcus Aurelius is a replica of that one which used to be on Capitols Square (Piazza del Campidoglio) in Rome until 1979. The statue in Tulln is reminiscent of the fact that this place is situated on the site of a former Roman camp named Comagena.

Gardens Monuments

Monument to Rudolf Steiner

Monument of Rudolf Steiner in Vienna, Austria

This memorial is dedicated to the journalist and esoteric Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) is considered the founder of anthroposophy. The monument was erected in 1981 in the Swiss Garden (Schweizergarten) in Vienna. The bronze relief is a work by the artist Elisabeth Oling-Jelinek.

Monuments Railway Stations Sculptures

Monument to Nicholas Winton in Prague

Monument to Nicholas Winton in Prague, Czech RepublicThoughtful monument to Nicholas Winton located at the platform 1 of Prague main railway station. 669 Jewish children were rescued by trains organized by him in 1939. These trains brought the children to London just before World War II started.

Friedrich Schiller Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Monuments

Goethe and Schiller in Weimar

Monument to Goethe and Schiller in Weimar, Germany

Probably the most known photo scene of Weimar: The monument to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller. It is located on the Theaterplatz (Theatre Square) in front of the Deutsche Nationaltheater (German National Theatre).


Monument to Rudolf v. Alt in Vienna

Monument to Rudolf Alt near Minoritenkirche in Vienna

This monument next to the Minorites Church (Minoritenkirche) is dedicated to the Austrian landscape and architectural painter Rudolf v. Alt. I loves his works because they show me how Austria looked like before photographers started to take pictures of Austrian sceneries and sights.


Monument to a Huckup in Hildesheim

Monument to a huckup in Hildesheim, Germany

This monument dedicated to a legendary figure named Huckup was created by Carl Röder in 1905. The Huckup is a sort of Aufhocker, an undead who bothers hikers. I don’t give much for the idea of getting haunted by an undead but I like the interpretation for the Hildesheim Huckup.


Stone of Hus in Constance

Stone of Hus in Constance, GermanyThe stone of Hus (Hussenstein) marks the supposed spot where Jan Hus was burned at the stake on 6 July 1415. Though the black boulder was named after Hus it also reminds of another victim burned at the same spot: Jerome of Prague.

Monuments Statues

Imperia in Constance

Statue Imperia in Constance, Germany

The statue of Imperia stands at the port of Constance (Konstanz). It reminds of the Council of Constance in the years 1414-1418. [German]

Monuments Wine

Sculpture of a Reblaus in Gumpoldskirchen

Memorial plaque to Hans Moser in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria

This fun sculpture is placed next to a memorial plaque to the Austrian actor Hans Moser. Schulpture and plaque are located in Gumpoldskirchen, a centre of wineries south of Vienna. Besides his movies and plays Hans Moser became famous for singing a song about the ‘Reblaus’ (‘Pyhlloxera’).


Monument to Johann Nestroy in Vienna

Monument to Johann Nepomuk Nestroy in Vienna

Monument to Johann Nepomuk Nestroy situated near Nestroyplatz at the 2. district called Leopoldstadt. Johann Nestroy (1801-1862) was an Austrian singer, actor and playwright. He used comedy for parody and criticism in a period of strict censorship.

Monuments Sisi

Monuments to Elisabeth of Austria

One can still find monuments to Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sisi, in different places of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy.


Monument to Peter Rosegger in Kapfenberg

Monument of Peter Rosegger in Kapfenberg, Austria

Monument to Peter Rosegger located in Kapfenberg. He was a famous regional poet in the Austrian state of Styria. The monument mentions him as a poet of the forest (Waldpoet) which probably refers to the fact that he grew up in the forest nearby and wrote much about the life there.