Georg Trakl in Salzburg

A famous son of Salzburg is not only Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart but also the poet Georg Trakl. You see boards with his poems scattered all over the city.

Commemorative year 2019 in Weimar

In 2019, the city of Weimar commemorates two anniversaries. On August 11, 1919, the Weimar Constitution was passed here. In the same year, the Bauhaus movement was created on the initiative of the architect Walter Gropius. An interesting intersection of both events forms this plaque, which commemorates the 11th of August, 1919: It was designed…

Luise Spannring in Salzburg

This ceramic tile in the Steingasse is reminiscent of the ceramicist Luise Spannring (1894-1982). In Salzburg, she became known as the founder of a ceramic school. Her works are exhibited in numerous museums, in the Salzburg Museum you can see ceramic nativity scenes from her.

Plaque to Woodrow Wilson in Prague

Plaque to the 28th President of the United States Woodrow Wilson, seen at the main railway station of Prague. During the First Czechoslovak Republic and from 1945 to 1953 the largest station of the capital city was named Wilson Station (Wilsonovo nádraží).

Women’s trail (Frauenspuren) in Salzburg

Another interesting plaque you can see in Salzburg. A project named Frauenspuren (women’s trail) in Salzburg tells where eminent women worked or lived in the city. E.g. the plaque depicted above is dedicated to Dr. Rosa Kerschbaumer-Putjata, the first female Doctor in Austria. She ran an ophthalmic sanatorium in Salzburg.

Memorial plaque for Mark Twain in Vienna

This memorial plaque for Samuel Langhorne Clemes, generally known as Mark Twain,  is placed at that hotel in Vienna where he used to stay between October 1898 and May 1899. The hotel named Ambassador is still a prime address in Vienna.

Commemorative plaque for Frédéric Chopin in Vienna

This commemorative plaque for Frédéric Chopin is placed at the address Kohlmarkt 9 (1st district of Vienna) where the Polish composer used to stay from November 1830 to July 1831 in a meanwhile demolished building.

Three-headed peacock in Constance

A plaque with a three-headed peacock seen in the streets of Constance (Konstanz). Why are three heads wearing a tiara each of them? At the beginning of the 15th century, there were three popes in power at the same time.

Memorial plaque to Arthur Fleischmann

This memorial plaque seen at the Favoritenstraße 12 is dedicated to the sculptor Arthur Fleischmann. The design is pretty special. It has a piece of Perspex included. So it reminds of the fact that the artist used this material in his works many times.