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Diesel railcar ÖBB 5144

Diesel rail car ÖBB 5144 in Semmering, Austria

A hike over the Semmering Pass regularly ends for me in front of the railcar ÖBB 5144. This piece dating from 1951 stands on a museum track next to the building of the Semmering station. Unfortunately, it is inaccessible. So you can only enjoy the interior by a peek through its windows.

Manhole Covers Railway Stations

Manhole cover at Prague main railway station

Mainhole cover at Prague main railway stationThis manhole cover on a platform of the main railway station in Prague (Praha hlavní nádraží) shows the historic station building. The structure was designed by Czech architect Josef Fanta in the years 1901/09. The entrance hall of the building is now off the beaten track and forms an oasis of Art Nouveau.

Art Nouveau Railway Stations

Art Nouveau station hall in Prague

Art nouveaul station hall at the main railway station of Prague, Czech Republic

The Art Nouveau hall in Prague’s main train station (Praha hlavní nádraží) is a bit hidden. Once it represented the splendour and glory of the Habsburg Empire. Today it is located away from the streams of rail travellers and only fanciers make their way to the hall. The structure was built in 1902/12 according to the plans of Josef Fanta (1856-1954).

Murals Railway Stations

Bratislava main railway station

Mural at the main railway station of Bratislava, Slovakia

Mural at the hall of the main railway station in Bratislava (Bratislava hlavná stanica). Love the small sputnik at the upper edge of this mural.

Railway Stations

Budapest Keleti railway station

Facade of the Budapest Keleti railway station

The Budapest Keleti pályaudvar railway station (abbreviated as Keleti pu) is the most important of the three major international stations in Budapest. It was built between 1881 and 1884 by János Feketeházy (railway engineer) and Gyula Rochlitz (architect).

Bridges Railway Stations

Pedestrian bridge at railway station Voitsberg

Pedestrian bridge at the railway station of Voitsberg, Austria

I love the architecture of this footbridge which is located next to the railway station of Voitsberg. The bridge spans the tracks of the railroad between the Styrian places Graz and Köflach. The railroad is used by the GKB Railways (Graz-Köflacher-Bahn und Busbetrieb).

Plaques Railway Stations

Plaque to Woodrow Wilson in Prague

Plaque to Woodrow Wilson at the main railway station of Prague, Czech Republic

Plaque to the 28th President of the United States Woodrow Wilson, seen at the main railway station of Prague. During the First Czechoslovak Republic and from 1945 to 1953 the largest station of the capital city was named Wilson Station (Wilsonovo nádraží).

Monuments Railway Stations Sculptures

Monument to Nicholas Winton in Prague

Monument to Nicholas Winton in Prague, Czech RepublicThoughtful monument to Nicholas Winton located at the platform 1 of Prague main railway station. 669 Jewish children were rescued by trains organized by him in 1939. These trains brought the children to London just before World War II started.

Railway Stations

Old railway station of Erfurt

Old railway clock tower of Erfurt, Germany

The first railway station building of Erfurt was in operation from 1846 – 1890. Today the tower is still in use as public clock but the main building hosts offices of the German Railways now.

Neo-Gothic Railway Stations Towers

Railway station of Constance

Railway station of Constance, Germany

The train station of Constance (Konstanz) was built in 1863. The architecture consists of a mixture of neo-Gothic and Renaissance. The tower is modeled after the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. [German]

Railway Stations

Model railway layout at Frankfurt Central Station

Model railway layout at Frankfurt Central Station, Germany

In several German railway stations, there are model railway layouts where children (and their parents) can play with after putting in a 1 Euro coin. The layouts are pretty large and offer a lot of interesting details. Do you know similar layouts in your city and would you spend a Euro for having such fun?

Railway Stations

Waiting room at railway station Selzthal

Waiting room at railway station Selzthal, Austria

In the small Styrian municipality Selzthal the structures of the railway station dating back to 1872 are still existing. So one can spend the time of waiting in this lovely decorated room.