Industrial Heritage Museums

Knappenwelt in Angertal

Furnace at the pitmen's world in Angertal

The Knappenwelt (Pitmen’s World) is a compilation of structural evidence of late medieval gold and silver smelting in Pongau. The reconstructed plant shows a roasting furnace, a smelting furnace and a cupellation furnace as they were in operation from 1490 to 1520. During guided tours, the water-powered stamp battery is demonstrated.

Animals Zoos

Struggling oryxes in Salzburg

Oryxes in Salzburg, Austria

While walking through the zoo of Salzburg I came across this pair of struggling oryxes. I just love the symmetry of their horns in this special situation. The zoo is placed next to a big rock so one can see some animals in a rugged setting.


Luise Spannring in Salzburg

Stove tile at the Steingasse in Salzburg, Austria

This ceramic tile in the Steingasse is reminiscent of the ceramicist Luise Spannring (1894-1982). In Salzburg, she became known as the founder of a ceramic school. Her works are exhibited in numerous museums, in the Salzburg Museum you can see ceramic nativity scenes from her.


Sator square in Golling/Salzach

Satore square in Golling / Salzach, Austria

A sator square seen on a facade in Golling an der Salzach. The sator square, also known as rotas square, is a palindrome which one can read horizontally and vertically, forward and backward. The oldest datable representation of a sator square was found in Pompeii.

Public Clocks

Public clock in Salzburg

Public clock next to the Franciscan church in Salzburg, Austria

This public clock, reflected in a simple window, is located on top of a walkway connecting the Franciscan monastery (Franziskanerkloster) with the Franciscan church (Franziskanerkirche) in Salzburg.


Braumeisterstube at the Sternbräu in Salzburg

Painting at the restaurant Sternbräu in Salzburg, Austria

The Braumeisterstube is part of the Sternbräu Restaurant in Salzburg. This restaurant was first mentioned in 1542 and offers several old and modern rooms for having a glass of beer or a traditional meal. After a big renovation in 2013/2014 the Braumeisterstube is still decorated in an old style, e.g. the paintings show historical scenes related to beer. [German]

Restaurants Signs

Zum fidelen Affen in Salzburg

Inn sign 'Zum fidelen Affen' in Salzburg, Austria

Inn sign of a traditional restaurant in Salzburg. Literally translated the name of the restaurant is ‘Merry Monkey’.

Museums Roman Empire

Roman mural in Salzburg

Roman mural in Salzburg, Austria

While walking from the Salzburg Museum to the Panorama Museum through the Panorama Passage I came across these remains of an ancient Roman mural which was discovered during an excavation in 2003.

Murals Shops

Lederhaus Schliesselberger in Salzburg

Frescoes at the Lederhaus Schliesselberger in Salzburg, Austria

Since 1422 tanners have been working at the address Lederergasse 5 in Salzburg. At the same address there is still a shop run by the family Schliesselberger selling goods made of leather. During opening hours you can visit a fascinating detail of Salzburg: In a room on the 1st floor there are some frescoes probably dating back to the mid of 16th century.

Public Art Sculptures

Sphaera by Stephan Balkenhol in Salzburg

Male part of the Sphaera at the Kapitelplatz in Salzburg

Memories! Years ago I used to play chess with local people right on this board depicted above. I am glad to see, the public chess board is still in use. By the way, the man on the sphere is a sculpture created by Stephan Balkenhol. The official name is ‘Sphaera‘, but people just call it ‘Mozartkugel‘.

Abbeys Sundials

Sundial at St Peter’s Arch Abbey in Salzburg

Sundial in an inner yard of St Peter's Abbey in Salzburg, Austria

Sundial in one of the inner yards of St Peter’s Arch Abbey (Erzabtei St. Peter) in Salzburg. The Benedictine monastery in the Austrian city of Salzburg was founded in 696 and is considered to be one of the oldest monasteries in German-speaking area.

Public Art Sculptures

‘Gherkins’ by Erwin Wurm in Salzburg

'Gherkins' by Erwin Wurm in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is a very traditional city. Even though you can see a lot of contemporary art in the streets. E.g. these ‘Gherkins’ created by the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. Personally I like this piece of public art as the gherkins seems to have some personality. By the way the monument in the background is dedicated to Friedrich Schiller. I wonder if he has ever thought to write about gherkins?