Coat of arms of Kindberg

Coat of arms of Kindberg, Austria

On my walk to an industrial heritage site next to Kindberg, I came across the city arms of Kindberg depicted in a not official town sign at the city boundary. The pic displays the inverted side of the city arms. The meaning refers to a legend about a missed child after a flood. It was finally found on top of a hill playing with flowers.

Depiction of the four seasons in Kindberg

Depiction of the four seasons in Kindberg, Austria

This depiction on the facade of a building situated on the Hauptstraße of Kindberg displays the four seasons: Frühling (spring), Sommer (summer), Herbst (autumn) and Winter (winter).

Sundial in Knittelfeld

Sundial in Knittelfeld, Austria

At the sundial located at the Pfarrheim (parish community centre) of Knittelfeld one can not only see Saint Catherine but also the no longer existing town hall. The late Gothic town hall was destroyed in the Second World War.

City arms of Knittelfeld

City arms of Knittelfeld, Austria

The city arms (Stadtwappen) of Knittelfeld display three white staves in a red field. The German term for a stave is Knüttel, which could be the origin for the name Knittelfeld. The depicted coat of arms one can find at the Lutherstiege, an old staircase at the former town walls of the city.