Monuments to Elisabeth of Austria

One can still find monuments to Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sisi, in different places of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

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Let’s talk about new town halls (#FriFotos)

New city hall in Hannover, Germany

The subject of today for #FriFotos is ‘new’. That reminds me of a phenomenon I came across on my city walks for several times: The guide-book told me ‘this’ is the ‘new’ town hall of the place but actually the building looked pretty old-fashioned. For example have a look at the Neue Rathaus von Hannover (New town hall of Hanover) depicted above which was opened in 1913.

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A good travel photo is about emotions

Landscape near Kroatisch-Minihof, Austria

Glancing through my photos of my latest trip in Burgenland I came across this photo. I took it from my room’s window early in the morning. Immediately I got the emotion from that morning again.

This silence. This beauty.

For me a good travel photo is about emotions. It would not only describes the place the photographer had been. To a greater degree it would catch the emotions the photographer had at that place.

What do you think?