Weihnachtsdorf at Altes AKH, Vienna

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Tower brass band at the Christmas market

This Weihnachtsdorf (Christmas village) is situated at the huge inner yard of a former hospital called AKH. The market offers besides the general stuff a small lane of stalls where one can watch craftsmen at their work. So I spoke with a lady about how to make candles made of honey.

Another interesting detail of this market was a tower brass band which played Christmas carols. Generally such bands are playing on top of towers like steeples or city towers but at this market the band played in a hut high up a tree. Listening to all these Christmas carols of my childhood was a sentimental moment though. Do you like Christmas carols?

By the way whereas this Christmas market is situated on the grounds of a former hospital there is another one located on the grounds of a hospital still in use. The advent market at Lemoniberg is a great place if one is interested to get in touch with an ensemble of houses built in the style of Art Nouveau.

Last update: Dec 22nd, 2012